“ATL/ATX Vacation” – 2015
Taking a break from this past record breaking winter, part of the crew decided to escape by taking a road trip to Austin, Texas with a stop in Atlanta, Georgia on the way. Featuring Abdul Fofanah, Zack Cooke, Seth Ethier, Shane Byrnes, Terrence O,Brien and Brett Silva. Guest Clip and artwork by FRKO.

Jake Frost – “Riding Around After Work” – 2014
Only a few in BMX get to concentrate full time on riding. The rest have to work to live and still find the time to ride. For Jake Frost that work is as a bicycle messenger in downtown Boston. Despite the full time hours and pedaling around the city all day in all types of weather, Jake still finds the time to enjoy riding BMX plus work on his part for the upcoming 90East video. In this edit we get a quick look at Jake doing his day job and then riding BMX in his off time which led to the name “Riding Around After Work”.

“Summer 2013″ Edit – 2013
Featuring: Jake Frost, James Meliota, Seth Ethier, Webster Jake, Lee Hopkins, Lino Gonzalez, Terrence O’Brien, Carlos Rohena, Mike Penney, Abdul Fofanah, Zack Cooke

Zack Cooke for 90East – 2013
This is Zack Cooke. He is from the small town of Sandwich on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Complaining is not Zack’s thing. Working hard and riding hard is. He works a full time construction job but always finds the time to ride whether its in the middle of the freezing New England winter or the hot and humid summer. No royalty checks, no winter get away trips, no passports, just riding with friends and tossing back a few beers. Enjoy.

“Sound Of The City” Full Length Video – 2012
0:30 Jake Frost
3:00 Lee Hopkins
5:29 Mike Penney
7:45 Lino Gonzalez
10:07 Friends
14:25 Abdul Fofanah
17:13 Webster Jake
19:03 James Meliota
21:10 Carlos Rohena

Jake Frost for 90East – 2012
Jake has been a part of the 90East brand from the very beginning. His contributions to 90East range from filming, printing, giving input on product development, and of course riding. Jake has had parts in both of our full length videos. His riding shows appreciation for the more intricate pieces of the street landscape. Here is a new promo featuring clips from a recent trip to Ohio that were compiled for the release of our Storrow handlebars. Thanks to Brandon Galosi for the filming. Enjoy.

“Late 2011″ Edit – 2011
Featuring: Jake Frost, Mike Penney, Abdul Fofanah, Harold Harwood, Carlos Rohena

“Maine Vacation” – 2011
This past weekend we took our annual weekend trip to Maine to relax and cruise the city of Portland. The weekend consisted mostly of taking in the scenery and hanging around Monument Square. Here’s some of the riding we captured over the three days.
Featuring: Abdul Fofanah, Jake Frost, Lino Gonzalez, Webster Jake, James Meliota, Lee Hopkins, Carlos Rohena

“90East” Full Length Video – 2010
Were proud to present our first DVD project for online viewing. Thanks goes out to everyone involved with the project and everyone that supported us buy buying a copy. That support has allowed to start working on a second DVD, as well as expand our product range. If you would like to contribute and check out the video in full quality you can pick up a copy of the DVD which features 25 minutes of bonus material from a few of our retailers as well as our online shop.
0:24 Abdul Fofanah
3:29 Jake Frost
6:08 Mike Penney
8:12 Carlos Rohena
10:37 Lino Gonzalez
13:06 Friends/New England
18:33 Harold Harwood
19:32 Jake Gayewski
20:31 Jesse Williams
21:51 Lee Hopkins